What we Stock.....

We believe good nutrition is one of the most important factors in your dog's long term health & well being. We have a wide range of healthy nutritious food and treats available in store from raw food to high quality kibble. Please call in for nutritional advise and choosing the correct food for your dog. 


Nutriment Raw


Nutriment BARF recipes, (Biologically, Appropriate Raw Food) are painstakingly prepared meals consisting of top drawer meats, veg and minerals, meticulously mixed to accurately replicate what your pet might have eaten in the wild.

Different Dog


Different Dog is a completely new kind of dog food, which has been created with a sole ambition of making dogs healthier. It has all the natural goodness of a raw food, without the worry of handling raw meat and the inconvenience of a 24-hour shelf life.



Developed in consultation with vets and nutritionists, Eden food has the best quality meats, fruits and vegetables, and is completely grain and gluten free. 



Crafted to replicate a dog's ancestral diet, Canagan grain free dog food has a high meat content, combined with sweet potato, herbs and botanicals. Naturally, all of Canagan's award-winning recipes are nutritionally complete and balanced meals.



Piccolo is designed for small breads. Small breed dogs have a higher metabolic rate than their larger cousins, so they need food with a higher meat content. Piccolo is packed full of fresh meat, vegetables, herbs and botanicals.

Edgard Cooper


Edgard Cooper is packed full of fresh meat and contains no dried or processed meat. This naturally tasty food contain fresh fruit and vegetables for a well balanced meal. Slowly baked to lock in the goodness.